RGA Productions


In 1999 I was challenged by Canadian Television legend Moses Znaimer to make a film. I took up the challenge drawing the subject matter from my FRANKENSTEIN project (SEE - THEATRE) featuring Canadian Musical Theatre star Michael Burgess (played the title role of Jean Valjean in the original Canadian production of Les Miserables) in the title role of Victor Frankenstein. On this project I served as Writer (Music & Lyrics) as well as Director. I had the pleasure of seeing this, my first short film, reach the number one position on the BRAVO COUNTDOWN (Bravo Channel - the Canadian Arts Television Channel). Subsequently, the film also screened at the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival, The Sarasota Film Festival, the New York Musical Theatre Festival and the Marco Island Film Festival (where I had the honour of being named first recipient of the coveted SIR TIM RICE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MUSIC IN A SHORT FILM). The film has carried me to places up until that point I had not imagined. Thus began my foray into filmmaking.